Mario Vs Zombies

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Instructions: How to Play: WASD: Move - J: Attack - Q/E: Change Weapon These require Rage Pts to use (Blue Bar) SPC: Machine Gun [50] or Missiles [100] --- K: Send Telecar for Item [10] --- 1-5: Call teammate [40]

Mario Vs Zombies:

Mario vs Zombies pits Super Mario against waves of undead. He must keep the Zombies from reaching any of the 5 blue trees and destroying them. If even one is destroyed, it’s game over. Build rage points (the blue bar) by slaying zombies and use them wisely. Call a missile strike only when the screen is FULL of zombies for maximum death! Be on the look out for items falling from the sky. Bats, Golf Clubs, Guns, and other goodies will fall to aid you in battle. If you can’t reach the item call the Telecaster to get it for you (K key). Keep in mind that the maximum storage for rage points is 100 so spend them as you get them or else the extra points beyond 100 will be lost.