Capture the Chickens

Capture the Chickens

Capture The Chickens is an amazing combination of pixel games and animal games that draws you in with addicting gameplay and keeps you engaged with a fascinating tale. Take Ariel's place and assist him in rescuing his prized chickens from the clutches of a terrible monster.

In Capture The Chickens, all of Ariel's hens have fled from the coop. Assisting the little witch in catching every chicken and identifying the monster causing the mayhem is the task for the players. The player will need to approach the chickens closely enough to catch them, but Ariel's enchanted bubble can return them to the coop. The quest for chickens becomes a race against the clock as you score points for each catch. Capture The Chickens stands out from other standard arcade games because of its captivating blend of action and strategy. A funny plot, fluid gameplay, and interesting game mechanics are what you can expect!

How To Play

  • WASD is used to move and jump

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