Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is the adventure journey of the cat Mom on the way to protect everyone. Let's help him become the greatest cat wizard.

It is possible for the player to assume control of Momo. The Witches' Academy has a pupil named Momo, who is a really cute cat. Spirits are real, and they have ill will against the creatures they possess. Joining forces with Momo in the battle against the forces of evil will help ensure victory. Throughout the course of the game's five stages, Momo will face off against a wide array of foes and ghosts. Make symbols using the mouse that are similar to the one that is over the ghost's head. If you are successful in precisely depicting that ghost, it will vanish from existence forever. A total of five exciting and difficult levels are available to be played through in this game. Put up your most valiant effort in order to prevail over their resistance.

This game has released part 2 called Magic Cat Academy 2 . You can play to discover more about this cat.

How To Play

In this game, the mouse is utilized for both moving around and clicking on things.