Mario and Luigi Coin Quest

Mario and Luigi Coin Quest

Mario and Luigi Coin Quest is an action game about Mario and Luigi. Let's have a challenging adventure and search for precious coins.

The game's stunning graphics and powerful sound design allow players to totally immerse themselves in the Mario universe. The stages that players must traverse range from lush forests to cryptic caverns and bustling cities. To collect as many coins as possible, the player must solve puzzles and deal with a variety of monsters along the route. These coins are necessary for unlocking new areas, purchasing power-ups, and developing characters. Mario and Luigi Coin Quest not only provides delightful gameplay but also showcases the siblings' teamwork. To participate in this journey, users can choose to play alone or with others in multiplayer mode.

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How To Play

To go left or right, press the left arrow key, and to jump, press the right arrow key. To jump, you can also press the spacebar.