Super Jesse Pink

Super Jesse Pink

Super Jesse Pink is a platform game that takes inspiration from vintage titles such as Super Mario Bros. All players will have a great time playing this game because of its bright colors, easy gameplay, and appealing pixel graphics!

To obtain extra bonuses during the game, break some of the blocks on the ground and jump over blocks to pick up coins. Jumping on flying birds and monsters will defeat them. In the following levels, you'll also encounter more perilous challenges, like flowers that devour humans. They allow you to carry on with your adventure, even though they are risky. So, when you see that creepy man-eating flower, seize the moment. Pick up items to gain extra lives and coins along the way. Play Super Jesse Pink now, and get ready to take on numerous bad guys as you enter an exciting new world!

How To Play

  • Move = Arrow Keys
  • Jump = Z
  • Shoot = X (when available)

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