Super Jim Adventure

Super Jim Adventure

Super Jim Adventure is a fun, two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer. The game's main character is Jim, a young boy tasked with rescuing his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil King Mongrol. There are five themes in the game, each with its own set of levels. Assist Jim in reclaiming the stolen jewel and saving his homeland!

In Super Jim Adventure, you take on the role of Super Jim, a valiant hero on a mission to save his homeland who must gather stars and dodge obstacles. There are one hundred distinct levels to discover, all with unique obstacles and revelations. Additionally, you will come across power-ups like invincible bubbles and stronger mushrooms that will aid you in surviving the perils in the game. But you have to act quickly because you have a finite amount of time to gather every star and get to the castle after each level. Are you prepared to take part in Super Jim Jump's adventure?

How To Play

  • Use mouse and keyboard to control the game

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