Super Luigi Bros 3

Super Luigi Bros 3

Super Luigi Bros 3 presents you with many new and cool challenges with Mario. Let's join now and help Mario clear this world.

In this brand-new, exciting adventure, Princess Daisy's life is in danger. To save her from Bowser, you'll have to go on a brave quest. Prepare to find your inner hero and overcome every obstacle in your way. Will you be the hero who makes the Mushroom Kingdom peaceful again? The test is coming up, so get ready for a great trip full of danger, excitement, and success in the end. Feel the effect of our carefully crafted redesigns that will take your viewing experience to new heights. Our expert team carefully chose every detail by hand to create a very captivating and visually spectacular masterpiece. Get ready to be engulfed in a world of unmatched beauty and quality. We've changed our minds about what it means to look amazing, so get ready to be blown away by our new designs.

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How To Play

Mario can be directed using both the joystick and the directional buttons. Press the button to jump. As an added bonus, if you kick an opponent off the stage, a coin will fall through the hole. You can earn extra credit by collecting them.