Super Mario Bros Chaos Control

Super Mario Bros Chaos Control

Super Mario Bros Chaos Control takes you on a journey with Mario or Luigi to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Play now!

The unpredictable shifts in the game's components, such as its mechanics, sights, and soundtrack, make it more difficult to progress through the levels and complete them. Strange occurrences, such as gravity working in the opposite direction, the unexpected appearance of monsters, or unpredictable handling, could be something that players come across while playing. The "chaos" that appears on the game screen is one of the standout features of this particular iteration. In order to prevail over the upheaval and accomplish what they set out to do, players will need to display both talent and adaptability.

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How To Play

  • Press the "Start" button on the main menu to begin play.
  • Mario can be navigated through the game's many stages by pressing the left and right arrow keys.
  • For a greater score or to clear higher hurdles, press the UP ARROW KEY.