Super Mario Bros II 1998

Super Mario Bros II 1998

Super Mario Bros II 1998 is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo. This game will definitely be a lot of fun.

The great video game that is Super Mario Bros II 1998 gives players the opportunity to assume control of characters who have won the affection of people from all around the world. This entry marks the beginning of the illustrious Mario series, which includes games starring fan favorites like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. You will experience the excitement of the game as you go on a journey to complete difficult objectives and establish an exceptional score, and you will grow closer and closer to achieving success with each step you take.

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How To Play

  • The "Start" button, found on the main menu, initiates play.
  • You may control Mario by pressing the left and right arrow keys to move him across the levels.
  • Press the UP ARROW KEY to make Mario jump higher, allowing him to clear higher obstacles or earn more points.