Super Mario Negative One

Super Mario Negative One

Super Mario Negative One offers a fresh and exciting game. This game promises to captivate those who love the original version of Mario.

The player has access to a wide array of power-ups throughout the game, each of which will help them overcome a specific challenge they face. Taking on Raccoon Mario's form to soar through the air or using the Fire Flower to spray fire at opponents are just two examples of the many options players will have at their disposal as they explore and enjoy the game. Both of these are simply two of the many options open to players. Featuring eye-popping visuals and immersive sound design, the user will be thoroughly engrossed in the experience.

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How To Play

In order to navigate Mario through the many stages of the game, it is recommended to utilize the left and right arrow keys. The use of the up arrow key facilitates the advancement to higher levels of difficulty or the augmentation of one's score.