Super Wario World

Super Wario World

Super Wario World gives players a vast and varied world, from arid deserts to mysterious jungles or dangerous caves. Play now to challenge yourself!

Utilizing Wario's abilities will help players triumph in this adventure. Wario's arsenal consists of the ability to float through space to evade danger and explosive bombs. The appeal of Super Wario World derives not only from its varied and engaging gameplay but also from its stunning visuals and upbeat soundtrack. Exploring Wario's digital environment will be an enjoyable experience. Prepare for a thrilling adventure in Super Wario World, where you can play the "superhero" version of this scoundrel and hunt for long-lost treasures.

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How To Play

It is possible to move with the arrow keys, leap with A, and attack with B. Using coins and fungi strategically can not only improve your score, but also your health.