Wings Rush 2

Wings Rush 2

In the brand-new runner game Wing Rush 2, the endearing green man and his pals are back. Take pleasure in a fantastic setting that is full of barriers, lethal traps, platforms, and springs that will challenge you to the limit.

Your objective in this entertaining running game is to finish each level by avoiding dangerous obstacles such as spikes, wild animals, and many more. Even though everything is against you, you can finish this mission and put this adventure to rest. Pass through the areas of the desert, the marble region, and the green hills. Every level has multiple checkpoints. You can respawn there by breaking them and jumping on them. In order to unlock faster and new characters from the in-game store, try to gather all the rings and gems. Beware of impediments! They might show up in unexpected places. Double-click or double-tap to double-jumper. You can be the one to defeat animals if you jump on them!

How To Play

  • To move the character, use the arrow keys
  • To jump, use your left click

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