Adam and Eve GO

Adam and Eve GO

In the click-platform puzzle game Adam And Eve GO, you take control of Adam as he explores a world teeming with prehistoric creatures. Massive creatures like mammoths and dinosaurs coexist with stunning ancient landscapes in this game.

In Adam And Eve GO, finding Eve is no picnic. Adam faces numerous challenging obstacles. It is up to you to assist him in completing each region by solving its challenges. Adam used to move and act based on your clicks alone, but now you can direct him to go wherever you choose. To reach Adam's house at the level's end, you must clear the path by interacting with various individuals and objects. Think ahead, and don't give up if you're asked to gather items and transport them to designated locations. Keep in mind that getting Adam back to his house and finding Eve are the primary objectives. Best of luck, and don't forget to bring flowers for her.

How To Play


  • To find solutions to each case, use the mouse
  • To direct Adam to a specific location, use the left mouse button


  • To have Adam move left, use the left arrow
  • To make Adam turn right, press the right arrow 

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