Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land is where you take action and accompany the legendary Mario character. Let's explore and rescue the princess.

It is plain to see that the pathway is littered with a great number of shiny gold traps at various points. The objective of the game is to protect yourself from danger for as long as you can, collect as much gold as you can, and level up as quickly as you can. Controlling Mario as he bounces, sprints, and jumps his way to victory is one way you can assist him on his mission to save the Princess. If you opt to engage your foe in head-on combat and then find that your strategy was unsuccessful, you will suffer the loss of a heart. As a consequence of this, in order to win, you are going to have to perform a vertical leap that places you higher than the opponent.

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How To Play

Press Shift to select, and arrow key to move the character.