Monoliths Mario World 2

Monoliths Mario World 2

In Monoliths Mario World 2, you can continue to accompany Mario on his long journey to the Mushroom Kingdom. Among the released Mario games, this is one of the versions that stands out to players for its incredibly attractive and gorgeous graphics.

Monoliths Mario World 2 continues the story of the well-known main character, Mario. The mushroom kingdom is once again in jeopardy, and Princess Peach has been stolen. As the kingdom's savior, Mario must find a way to save the princess, no matter how difficult the journey. Your main goal is to help the brave plumber hop over obstacles and collect cash and mushrooms. There will be enemies obstructing Mario's path, and if he rushes into them, he will lose his life. But don't worry; you only need to shoot or leap over acorns to let Mario continue his journey safely. Are you ready to take on hard levels in Monoliths Mario World 2? Play now to save the mushroom kingdom in Monoliths Mario World 2 before it is too late!

How To Play

  • Press A to jump up
  • Press S key to run
  • Press spacebar to pause

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