Super Plumber Run

Super Plumber Run

Dive into the epic journey of Super Plumber Run, a classic platform game based on the popular original Mario games. This game preserves the fundamental action of running and leaping from the original edition but invests in creativity by creating stunning graphics in vibrant colors.

You are entrusted with assisting the plumber in collecting red mushrooms while leaping across perilous obstacles. Don't be surprised if this brilliant plumber can jump high or even soar into the sky, as this is one of the game's unique characteristics. Don't forget to gather gold coins along the journey, as they may be traded for various exciting special skills for your character. I hope you set a record in the Super Plumber Run!

How To Play

With computer:

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to control your plumber

With phone:

  • Press the arrow keys on the touch screen to play

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