Super Ninja Plumber

Super Ninja Plumber

A plumber with unique abilities is what you control in the thrilling retro-adventure game Super Ninja Plumber. You play as a plumber in this game, which takes inspiration from the beloved classic video game Super Mario, and you have to transform into a ninja to save the mushroom world. To complete your adventure, run, leap, battle, and acquire ninja abilities!

In this game, your mission is to guide the character through each level, get past obstacles, and vanquish all opponents. The last obstacle to overcome is the rock boss. Gaining success propels you into new and amazing experiences that you never would have imagined. An intriguing, pixel-perfect visual style and a timeless soundtrack will heighten the suspense of your journey! In Super Ninja Plumber, are you prepared to put your reflexes to the test as you assume the role of a ninja? Try your luck at the last level by playing now!

How To Play


  • A or D / Left or Right arrow keys = Move
  • W / S / Up or Down arrow keys = Ladders
  • S / Down arrow = Crouch
  • Z / K = Jump
  • X / L = Shuriken


  • Touch arrow buttons on screen to control

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