Ganbatte!! Robochan

Ganbatte!! Robochan

In the action fighting game Ganbatte!! Robochan, you will play as a courageous warrior with superhuman power against an army of evil robots attempting to take over the planet. Robochan serves as the main character in the game, which draws inspiration from and uses colors akin to those of the well-known Megaman game series. The basic purpose of the game is to progress through challenging stages, avoid obstacles, and use the character's special abilities to defeat nasty robot adversaries. A succession of perilous traps put up, as well as dangerous enemies at the conclusion of each level, will keep you on edge as you look for a method to win. Ganbatte!! Robochan is an excellent entertainment choice for individuals who enjoy fighting games, thanks to its simple gameplay, vintage 2D graphics, and vibrant game music.

How To Play

  • Use the keyboard to control and play the game

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