Capybara Quest

Capybara Quest

Capybara Quest is a soothing adventure game with appealing pixel visuals in which you follow charming capybaras on their quest to save their baby. The game is designed with basic vintage hues and situated in a tranquil, flooded countryside, creating an immensely pleasant atmosphere for players.

In Capybara Quest, vicious pelicans steal a lovely capybara's offspring. You must assist this capybara in rescuing her children during a perilous voyage. Unlike other action-adventure games, the capybara cannot fight. Because they are peaceful creatures, even if you allow them to leap on foes, they will not destroy them. Your only duty is to guide this brave capybara across platforms and around obstacles until she arrives at her objective. So, do you have the patience to help her get to the end of the level and save her cubs?

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press Z key to jump up
  • Press the Enter button to start or pause the game

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