Economical is a 2D block platform game with appealing and stunning pixel visuals. You will accompany a beautiful little white creature on an intriguing treasure-hunting quest. Assist this small creature in completing his journey and collecting a large number of sparkling gold coins.

Unlike other adventure games, in this game, you must create your path by strategically placing blocks. It's similar to puzzle games in that you must calculate the arrangement to successfully progress across the platforms while saving as many blocks as possible. If you lay the block wrong, you can break it with a hammer. However, you will have to purchase it at the store. Remember, the main goal is to help your character collect lots of gold coins and treasure. Have fun and finish all of the challenges in Economical!

How To Play

  • Use the A and D keys to move left/right
  • Press W key to jump
  • Use the mouse to explore the item inventory and left click to use

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