Assassin Ninja Rush

Assassin Ninja Rush

Assassin Ninja Rush provides an exhilarating, immersive 3D experience for fans of fast-paced action. As you assume the role of the supreme ninja, the game will put your quick reflexes to the test. But that's not all; you also need a bright intellect to come up with plans for taking down the game's foes. Your primary objective is to sprint, avoid obstacles, and eliminate all foes to win the round. Don't forget to use the gold you win after each round of success to unlock new characters and weapons. This game will undoubtedly give you a fantastic entertainment experience with its highly outstanding PS5-class visuals! The ultimate ninja assassin is about to take you on an intriguing trip in this captivating universe, so get ready!

How To Play

  • Tap and hold to aim the ninja's rush route, then release to let him move.

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