Banana Cat Escape

Banana Cat Escape

In the enjoyable adventure game Banana Cat Escape, a lovely banana cat is attempting to flee from a hidden lab where cats are used for research and testing. Your primary goal in the game is to assist the cat in overcoming all obstacles and making a secure getaway. Use your wits and agility to quickly overcome the game's obstacles. By scooping up the milk while facing the cube's walls, you must get past its defenses. Additionally, by tapping on the floor tiles, you can answer each problem.

You must plan ahead and utilize your brains to successfully complete each level in this entertaining game with simple controls. There is only one obstacle in each round, so be aware of any guards or guard dogs and move covertly to stay out of their line of sight. The game includes vibrant graphics, entertaining background music, and adorable characters, which will undoubtedly provide those who enjoy adventure with a terrific amusement experience.

How To Play

  • On PC: Use WASD or arrow keys to move Banana Cat
  • On mobile: Use your finger to play

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