Crazy Mario World

Crazy Mario World

Crazy Mario World opens up a colorful world waiting to be discovered. Let's join the journey to explore this crazy and exciting world.

In the game, there is a very lovely dinosaur friend. Please help Mario find that dinosaur. He will be of great help in this adventure. Avoiding an immediate encounter with those terrible animals is the best way to keep oneself safe from harm. You will, sadly, end up dropping out of the competition. Instead of confronting you, your opponent should run or jump on you. After that, you will be safe to continue on. Be sure not to pass up the gold coins that are located along the path, and try to collect as many of the gold coins as you can along the way. I hope that your trip is joyful and full of wonderful surprises!

Do you know what news? A game called Super Mario All Stars in the same genre as Crazy Mario World just came out. Play now.

How To Play

Easily maneuver your character across the screen with the simple and intuitive arrow keys on your keyboard. Undo your last action with ease by using the powerful Shift key. Simply hit Enter to begin.