Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Come to embark on an intriguing trip in Darkmaster and Lightmaiden, where you will go through a mystery maze with a pal and solve tough riddles to reach the exit at the end of each level. You and your pal will control two characters, each with a unique main ability. If Darkmaster has specific talents in the dark, Lightmaiden has exceptional abilities in brightly illuminated environments. However, do not shift roles for these two people, or you will lose.

The game takes place in a derelict old temple, with 15 mazes representing 15 stages of increasing difficulty to be overcome. The game's traps will get increasingly thick and lethal, demanding your wits and courage. It would be a mistake to work alone in this game. If you want to win the game, you must work with your teammates to develop a logical puzzle-solving approach. Don't wait any longer, try Darkmaster and Lightmaiden now!

How To Play

On the computer:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the character

On mobile devices:

  • Control the character through manual touch according to the control buttons available on the screen

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