Kirby In Sonic The Hedgehog

Kirby In Sonic The Hedgehog

In Kirby In Sonic The Hedgehog is a customized hack of the popular platform game Sonic The Hedgehog. You will embark on an exciting adventure with your partner, the adorable pink Kirby. Kirby, like the famed blue hedgehog superhero Sonic, possesses extraordinary movement speed as well as the capacity to inhale monitors, which Sonic lacks. Control this adorable pink pal through the game's challenging levels while earning valuable golden rings. Along the way, the evil Dr. Robotnik will free a lot of nasty robots. Don't worry, and demonstrate Kirby's tremendous attacks to eliminate adversaries in a single blow. Are you prepared to confront numerous perils and traps in this game? Take part in this game now!

How To Play

The controls are familiar from previous Sonic games:

  • Control movement with the arrow keys
  • To change modes, press the Space bar
  • To begin playing, press the Enter key

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