Play the 2D platform game Leafino to accompany the brave one-eyed leaf on a perilous journey. To acquire white orbs, you must control the leaf as it runs and jumps between platforms. However, this voyage is not as simple as you believe because you will occasionally meet thorn matting or deep pits that come unexpectedly. Let's jump up to dodge them rapidly because your leaf only has one life, and even a minor mistake will terminate the game. Walking orange flames are not only barriers, but also adversaries of the leaf. Avoid their attacks to save your character's life. Leafino has eight different levels of increasing difficulty, which correlate to the eight regions you can explore. With its basic gameplay and beautiful 2D graphics, this game is an excellent way to pass the time!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to control movement
  • Press the up arrow or W key twice in a row to jump high

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