Penguin Adventure 2

Penguin Adventure 2

Penguin Adventure 2 takes you on a wonderful excursion across the lovely snowy scenery with the cute penguins. This vibrant little penguin requires your assistance in collecting all of the tasty fruits!

Are you a fan of penguins? Let's meet the adorable penguin companion in Penguin Adventure 2 and assist him in overcoming difficult obstacles in the harsh Arctic. This little penguin needs to get to the palace at the end of the level. However, the road to get there is not easy when dangerous obstacles occur along the way. To jump over sections and toss snowballs at foes, you must control your penguin skillfully. Remember to collect key items along the way, such as fruit, stars, and lives, to boost your score and make the journey simpler. Now you can play Penguin Adventure 2 online right away!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse and keyboard to control your penguin

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