Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance is a platformer game with 2D graphics. Sonic hedgehog and his friends—Fox Tails, Echidna Knuckles, and Amy Rose hedgehog—are featured in the game. They are still chasing the antagonist, Dr. Eggman, who is determined to take over the globe once more.

Sonic Advance's gameplay is a mashup of genres from various game generations in the Sonic The Hedgehog series. The player must progress through numerous levels, eliminate every enemy in the way, and gather golden rings. The protagonist, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his allies travel to the South Island in the story to fight Dr. Eggman, the villain who plans to use Emerald Chaos to take over the entire planet. Now, to save the world, we have to work with them to thwart the doctor's plan. Join now!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys to direct
  • Enter button to start playing the game
  • Backspace key to select
  • Z = A; X = B; A = L; S = R

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