Sonic Battle

Sonic Battle

Sonic Battle is an exceedingly attractive platform fighting game and one of the special variants that powerfully impresses players in the Sonic game series. Eight familiar hedgehog heroes will participate in a classic 1-0-2 battle to identify the strongest warrior.

Which character will you pick to play in Sonic Battle? In this game, speed is no longer the priority, as there is no hedgehog hero running through platforming environments. Sonic and his friends are disputing with each other about who is the strongest, and they decide to battle to find the answer. Discover the distinctive attacks of each character, play in numerous hard venues, and set stunning fighting rules in the game. Diverse locations developed with vivid, colorful graphics are sure to gratify any Sonic enthusiast!

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the Enter button to start playing
  • Press the Backspace button to open the options

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