Super Ball DZ

Super Ball DZ

In the fighting simulation adventure game Super Ball DZ, get ready for impressive action with powerful Super Saiyan heroes. Your mission is to assist your character in defeating all of the bad men he encounters to protect the village.

If you enjoy the popular Dragon Ball series, Super Ball DZ is a fantastic game that you should not miss. In this game, you can unleash Goku's ultimate fighting abilities by striking all adversaries that threaten you. To progress through levels, you must control your character while hopping to dodge obstacles along the way. If ferocious creatures come, there is no need to be concerned because there are numerous ways to defeat them. You can fire them down or simply kick and jump on them to attack. Will you be able to pass all 24 difficult levels? Try it right away!

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the up arrow key to jump up
  • Press A if you want to attack the enemy
  • Press the D key to activate the power

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