Super Craft Bros Runner

Super Craft Bros Runner

Super Craft Bros Runner is a running game in which you join in a never-ending race. Control your boy to race along the road and grab as much gold as possible. To catch the thief holding the bomb, you must sprint as fast as you can on this course. On the track, challenges will occur that require you to respond swiftly to avoid them. You'll have to deal with curves, deep holes, obstructions, and even bombs. If you don't want to lose, you must dodge them or leap over them. This game also offers some unique graphics. It represents Mario's trip in 2D, providing players with an entertaining experience. Aside from that, amazing sound effects are a key component of this game's popularity. To win the game, try to run as far as possible while attempting to gather as much gold as you can!

How To Play

  • You can use the arrow keys to control your craft boy

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