Super Lule Adventure

Super Lule Adventure

Super Lule Adventure sends you a tempting invitation to Lule's adventure. Many interesting things and secrets are waiting for you. 

You have been entrusted with the mission of rescuing Princess Lili, who is presently being held prisoner within the palace. If one wishes to be successful in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead, they will need to cultivate the virtue of patience. Patience is a virtue that must be fostered. On the path to success, an individual needs to be courageous enough to endure any and all challenges that may arise along the way. You will not be able to find the princess until all of the objectives in the first five worlds have been successfully completed.

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How To Play

Use WASD or the "Up" button on your virtual controller to jump; press "G" to aim at Player 1 and "L" at Player 2 in turn-based combat. You must survive until the end of the game.