Super Mario Coin Adventure

Super Mario Coin Adventure

Super Mario Coin Adventure is a running game where you must run as fast as you can to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding hazardous pits. To make the most of your quest, collect cash and buy more characters!

Super Mario Coin Adventure is a simple 2D runner in which your main purpose is to assist Mario in overcoming all obstacles and earning as many coins as possible. Each level will have numerous dangerous obstacles, and you must control Mario carefully so that he does not fall into the deep hole and return to the beginning. You can earn a lot of coins by hopping over gaps and eating hidden stars along the route. You may also use the coins you win after each game to purchase new characters and character talents at the store. Learn new in-game abilities, such as sliding down pipes and dodging obstacles. Join Mario on his quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom and acquire as many riches as possible for Princess Peach.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control Mario in this game

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