Super Mario Land 2 DX

Super Mario Land 2 DX

Super Mario Land 2 DX has the player taking on the role of Mario, but this time he must face a new enemy, Wario, an evil version of himself.

The player needs to amass six gold coins before they can recover their position as ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. The different stages of the game take place in different environments, such as the jungle, the desert, and the city of the present day, and each level features its own set of distinct obstacles and thrills. Players have to complete a large number of tasks, overcome a large number of obstacles, and dispatch a large number of monsters before they can reach the conclusion. enhances both the visuals and the audio of the game in comparison to its previous iteration, in addition to adding new capabilities such as playing the game through Bluetooth and joystick emulation. Because of this, playing games becomes less difficult and more entertaining.

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How To Play

The player can direct the action via the computer's user interface, which can be navigated via mouse and keyboard.