Super Prison Escape

Super Prison Escape

In the action puzzle game Super Prison Escape, you must assist a stickman prisoner in escaping from a prison filled with perilous traps and ruthless guards. Prepare for intense chases and impossible escape scenarios.

A prisoner named Jack is imprisoned in a freezing dungeon and yearns to escape. Your mission is to utilize your intelligence to solve riddles and devise the best strategy to help him successfully escape from prison. Of course, there is no simple jailbreak; this stickman prisoner will face significant obstacles due to the strict security system and tough guards who won't back down. Use your wits to quickly overcome all of the obstacles on your way out and uncover the next fascinating quest. Do you believe you can design an effective plan to win all 28 levels of the game? Try Super Prison Escape now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game

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