Yoshis Strange Quest

Yoshis Strange Quest

Yoshis Strange Quest invites you to the world of mysterious boxes. Let's play now to discover a lot of interesting mysteries.

You can only win against the hidden enemies within your own fortress if you show them your full strength. The gorgeous question box hides a treasure trove of items that can be used to boost Mario's already impressive powers. Keep an eye out for these ethereal beings, as coming into contact with them could have devastating effects, possibly even resulting in human death. Put yourself in dangerous situations inside the domain of the odd to feel the rush of discovery. Evil ghosts are lurking around every corner, just waiting to pass judgment on how well you've done.

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How To Play

The left and right arrow keys, along with the up and down arrows, will transport you to the corresponding sections of the article. The 'capture' key, also known as the 'Spacebar,' functions as a delete key.