Archer Hero Adventure

Archer Hero Adventure

Archer Hero Adventure is an action-adventure game based on the style of famous classic game series such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic. You need to overcome 30 different challenging levels, with the main goal being to collect stars and destroy enemies in each round.

Archer Hero Adventure offers impressive adventures with top-notch action scenes where you will meet ninjas with superior archery skills. The game's setting is built in mysterious valleys, where countless ferocious monsters reside. Your mission is to help your character shoot arrows to destroy those monsters while jumping over platforms and collecting sparkling golden stars. The great fighting skills of archers will gradually be revealed through the levels. Don't forget that you can upgrade your character's power using the collected gold stars!

How To Play

  • Press W key to jump up
  • Press the A, D keys to control backward and forward movements
  • Press K key to shoot bow

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