Ninja Spike Avoider

Ninja Spike Avoider

Ninja Spike Avoider, a classic adventure game, teaches you how to maneuver like a professional ninja in the game's hard-platform world. Your ninja is a really brave hero. He isn't afraid to push himself by jumping over difficult terrain to fulfill his missions. It is not too tough for you to adjust to the gameplay. You must control the character to go freely across towering walls and perilous mountains while attempting to remain safe. Beware of flying beasts and jagged thorn barriers, as one mistake might cost you your life. In addition, collect as many coins as possible along the route to finish the round with a high score. How many rounds do you think you can complete in Ninja Spike Avoider? Come try it now!

How To Play

Over the phone:

  • Use on-screen touch controllers to direct the ninja's moves

On the computer:

  • To move, use WASD and arrow keys

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