Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr not only requires agility and dexterity but also requires strategy and observation to complete difficult levels. Play now!

Players in Donkey Kong Jr. assume the role of the monkey's son, Donkey Kong Jr., who sets out to rescue the original Donkey Kong from Mario's tyranny. In order to free Donkey Kong, the player must complete a lengthy series of levels and overcome numerous challenges. Its status as one of the most influential classic games of all time stems from its innovative blend of innovative visuals and gameplay that was simple yet addicting. Donkey Kong Jr. is a fun and challenging video game that you can play alone or with friends to experience the exciting antics of a young monkey.

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How To Play

The user interface of the computer, which can be accessed via the mouse and keyboard, gives the player the ability to direct the action that is taking place.