Dr Mario World House Calls

Dr Mario World House Calls

Dr. Mario World House Calls is a new version of the famous game Dr. Mario. You play as Doctor Mario and treat patients on call at home.

In this puzzle game, the only way to replenish lost health is to successfully match colors. Tablets, when arranged in rows of the same color either horizontally or vertically, can be used to eliminate microorganisms. Look no further than Dr. Mario World House Calls if you want a puzzle game that will test your brainpower while also providing stunning visuals and an engaging gameplay experience. You will want to play this game again and again due to its mesmerizing visuals and exciting gameplay.

Do you know what news? A game called Super Luigi Bros 3 in the same genre as Dr. Mario World House Calls just came out. Play now.

How To Play

Press the left or right arrow key to move left or right. Press the up arrow key to jump. Press the "Z" or "Space" KEY to utilize weapon and crush your enemies to bits. Maintain constant awareness of your attacker's intended target and ready to avoid being hit.