Project Retro Ninja

Project Retro Ninja

Project Retro Ninja is a classic action-fighting game that takes you into a world of enchanting 2D platform graphics with cute ninjas. In the game, scary monsters have attacked and taken over the peaceful village. As a brave ninja, you need to join the journey to attack monsters to save the beautiful village. Take advantage of the ninja's special skills and flexible movements to fight enemies. Jump up quickly and at the right time to avoid the monsters' attacks, and take the opportunity to throw darts to defeat them. You will have to overcome a long and dangerous journey ahead, so don't forget to collect red hearts on the way to restoring your life. In addition, you may come across useful items that help increase your character's fighting power, so be careful not to miss them. Now get ready for special attacks with brave ninjas in Project Retro Ninja!

How To Play

  • Use the left and right arrows to move and press the up arrow key to jump
  • Press A to throw the dart
  • Press the D key to rush straight to attack the enemy
  • Press E if you want to enter the door
  • Press P key to pause

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