Squirrel Hero

Squirrel Hero

Play the action online game Squirrel Hero now! This exciting action-adventure game is suitable for all ages. Your mission is to assist the courageous squirrel in protecting his tree from alien invaders.

Are you ready to join the battle to defeat the aliens with your brave squirrel? To start playing this game, simply aim at the enemy and tap the screen to release the squirrel. The squirrel will then rush out to eliminate as many aliens as possible. It's crucial to collect diamonds and weapons to make the squirrel stronger. The ultimate goal is to destroy all the aliens before they reach the treehouse, thereby winning the round. Do you possess the skills to become the ultimate squirrel warrior?

How To Play

  • Touch the enemy's direction on the screen to release the squirrel. Tap with your fingers or use a computer mouse to play the game.

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