Super Lule Mario

Super Lule Mario

Super Lule Mario is an amazing platform adventure game in which you will join the cute new hero, Lule, and fight vicious monsters on your route to the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the trapped princess Lili. The game is built on classic gameplay, similar to earlier Mario games, but with sharp and appealing HTML5 graphics.

Lule, a brave new hero, will accompany you on your quest to Super Lule Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. Allow Mario to recover after his exhausting trips and join the joyful Lule to continue saving the princess in this game. This time, Lule's journey will be filled with severe tasks, and you must assist him in avoiding perilous traps along the road. Avoid attacks from weird creatures such as spiny turtles, carnivorous flowers, and so on since Lule only has 5 lives; therefore, you must be careful if you don't want to restart the level. You must pass through five difficult countries before reaching the castle, where the princess is imprisoned. Can you conquer all obstacles and assist Lule in successfully rescuing the gorgeous princess?

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the character in this game

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