Super Mario World Squirrel

Super Mario World Squirrel

Super Mario World Squirrel is an engaging 3D adventure game in which you will accompany a squirrel hero on a fantastic trip, overcoming all hurdles in order to save the lovely princess. Explore the vivid woodland with exquisite HTML5 graphics and enjoy resting in the game's setting with calming music.

In Super Mario World Squirrel, you will not meet any heroes; instead, the adorable squirrel Bob will accompany you to save the princess. The game's background is built with meticulous pixel graphics and is a bit more attractive than Mario games. However, the gameplay in Super Mario World Squirrel is simplistic and lacks variety. You don't have to collect cash or fight enemies here. Your main goal is to keep the squirrel away from dangerous obstacles and dodge enemy attacks so that you may reach the end of the route and save the princess. The game's stunning, colorful woodlands and lovable characters will have you wanting to play forever! Try it now!

How To Play

  • Tap the screen to play

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